Lots of websites are blocked (urgent)

  Patrick WV 00:25 30 May 2017

So I go on my pc and I cannot connect to google or skype, (other websites work)I reset router and follow a few simple YouTube tutorials and none work, I did some investigating and I found that a few websites like google and Skype and yahoo have "fraudulent" certificates and I'm wondering what I should do to fix this, it seems like I have a virus or something that has issued certification for a few basic websites, I'm not sure if this is the problem but please help!

  Archonar 09:19 30 May 2017

Have you done a virus scan? I would recommend doing that first just to be sure.

  Mathilda Abe 03:47 13 Jun 2017

I had the same problem before, but mine was out of browser hijack, so I removed it by an malware removal tool.

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