Lots of stuff on my desktop...does it matter?

  DANZIG 13:11 15 Jan 2005

If I have a lot of shortcuts on my desktop does it affect the performance of my PC in any way?

The reason I ask is that at work our computers are networked and linked to a central server somewhere in London (I think!).

Our IT guys have told us not to put any shortcuts on our desktops. I wonder why?

  FelixTCat 13:30 15 Jan 2005

No, shortcuts on a stand-alone computer will not degrade performance. If you want to tidy your desktop, you can create folders and group your shortcuts in the folders (e.g. all office-type programs in one, net, email etc in another, video in a third etc)

In big networks, particularly when you can log on to any computer, your personal desktop is held on the central server and downloaded to the computer that you log on to. If you have lots of shortcuts, etc, it takes up more bandwidth and time to download them.

  DANZIG 14:08 15 Jan 2005

Oh right thanks!

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