Lots of small windows pop up on booting

  Pkrlm 16:51 26 Aug 2018

Hey guys, my mother in law asked me to look at her laptop as it was having some problems. I managed to fix most of it but there's one problem that persists.

As soon as I boot the laptop, lots of small windows appear and overlap each other before disappearing after a second or 2. This happens a few times and then stops as long as the laptop doesn't reboot.

The system is running on Windows 10 and I ran Malwarebytes and Avast scan. They found some minor issues that could be fixed easily, but the above mentioned problem wasn't resolved.

Here's a screenshot of the boxes that appear:

click here than that, the laptop is very slow for a laptop of this age (a little over a year and it hasn't been used that much).


  Govan1x 00:31 27 Aug 2018

Maybe try Adw Cleaner see if that helps.

  wee eddie 00:49 27 Aug 2018

Have you tried to find out what's opening at Start-up.

I would recommend CCleaner for that as well as its Cookie Cleaning skills

  [DELETED] 12:56 27 Aug 2018

That icon top left seems familiar but I can't pinpoint it. Open task manager then start-up. See what's listed.

  Jpro9000 14:23 27 Aug 2018

Go to task manager>start up. and disabile everything

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:08 27 Aug 2018

Do not disable everything in start up as things like you touch pad and speakers then may not work.

give us a list as to what is in the startup tab in task manager and we can then tell you what is safe to disable.

  wee eddie 17:44 27 Aug 2018

The other thing is to "disable" don't "remove/delete"

  simmotipo 12:06 28 Aug 2018


I'd recommend having a look in the start-up folder in windows. It can be found here: C:\Users[user name]\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup (replacing [user name] with the account in question's username.

That icon in the top left of those windows is the default icon for a Windows Forms Application in Microsoft Visual Studio, so it's incredible unlikely to be from a reputable publisher and more likely some really badly put together malware or adware (I'm surprised Malwarebytes didn't find it), so in the above folder right-click on every file one by one and look for ones with no known publisher (or ones you can't easily find anything good about on google), and move them from the start-up folder to the desktop and reboot. If the problem persists, you know you can put it back and that it is not the problem. Repeat this with all the applicable files. If you're unsure, list everything in that folder here and we'll let you know what can go. (Be particularly suspicious of files that "keep coming back" when you move/delete them and check for background processes with similar names and end them, before moving the file again!).

I think it's very likely that this process is what is hogging the CPU too, so it might be worth checking task manager for background process with excessive CPU and/or RAM usage; I'm sure that once the windows don't open on start-up, your laptop's performance will improve too.

I hope this helps - let us know how you get on!

P.S. A follow up question - if you create a new account on the machine (e.g. a guest account) does this issue occur when logging into that account?

  simmotipo 12:07 28 Aug 2018


Just noticed I missed out a \ in the path to the Windows Start-up folder - it should be between "Users" and "[user name]", i.e. "User[user name\"

  simmotipo 12:10 28 Aug 2018

^^Ok, so the forum just removes the backslash. Never noticed that before. Oh well - I'm sure you get what I mean

  Pkrlm 19:49 29 Aug 2018

So the startup folder is completely empty. When I check Task Manager > Startup it shows 8 programs, none of them which seem out of the ordinary. The only one without a publisher is Intel(R) Security Assist.

The laptop freezes a lot and loading stuff takes ages. It's so weird Malwarebytes and Avast can't find any more problems.

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