Lots of prblems after a restore

  clarke33 14:06 03 Mar 2006

Hi, after downlaoding winfixer the pc wouldnt boot so witht he help of folks on here i did a restore. I think now that the issue might not have been winfixer as these are the following issues i now have
Wont always boot
wont update windows to sp 2 and get an error message that windows was unable to save data....
keep freezing and crashing
got driver errors - yellow question marks cant tell you exactly where as it wont boot at presnet, but from memeory it was against things like graphics. Tried pdateing the drivers but again it couldnt find the files
To resolve i have tried to run sfc/scannow but i get a message saying that it cannot find the file.
I have also tried a further non destructive system recover and got the error message that no hard disk is found.
The current situation when i try to boot is that i get a blue box with a choice of three things to choos form; floppy, hd, cd. tried hd and it just goes back to blue box.

I have a feeling that the hdd has had it. Am i right?

Any help greatly appreciated!

  rawprawn 14:21 03 Mar 2006

Please note it won't run on that command, there is a space btween sfc and / (sfc /scannow) try that if you find you had mistyped it.

  clarke33 14:43 03 Mar 2006

Hi, the problem though is that it will not now boot. I have jsut tried again and got a blue screen with it saying that there was something wrong with the disk... and it did a disck check. It then went to a black screen and hung there for a while. Back to a blue screen with a major error message. it is now saying a disk read erro occured.

Any help here greatly appreciated

  rawprawn 14:54 03 Mar 2006

When you say you did a disc check do you mean CHKDSK /F if so it sound s as though your HD is kaput

  clarke33 15:02 03 Mar 2006

thanks for this! i didnt do anything it wnet to check the disk automatically and the message came and went too quekc for me to remember what it actually said. I think though that it checked the disk and went throgh three stages. It then wne to the black screen. So, do you thinkt he hard disk is kaput? If so is it easy to change on a laptop?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:11 03 Mar 2006

Chnge HDD on a laptop can be easy or hard depending on the laptop manufacturer

EG click here
click here

  rawprawn 15:21 03 Mar 2006

I think that you will need to follow Fruit Bat /\0/\ links, it looks to me as though your HD has had it.As he says it can be quite easy to change depending on the manufacturer. Good Luck, I'm sure you will get lots of encouragement/help if you decide to replace your HD.

  puma22 17:09 03 Mar 2006

Hi, i was helping my mate clarke33 at her houe with this so signed in under her username. Thanks for all the help on this. I'm going to leave this open for a while to see if there is something i am missing here, but in the meantime i will start a new tread under my onw sign in details re changing the hard drive.
So Rawpramw and fruitbat/\0/\ thanks for the help.

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