LOTR...The return of the king.

  Baslla321 15:49 01 Apr 2004

Does anyone know where I can get a Walkover and/or Cheats for the game The Lord of the Rings...The return of the king.? Must be for PC.Thanks

  jimv7 16:00 01 Apr 2004

Type your search into google, just tried it and thoudsands of pages.

  Baslla321 16:31 01 Apr 2004

Have done so, but some are with a registration fee and most others that I tried are not for PC but for Xbox, etc Will keep trying! Thanks

  BeForU 16:43 01 Apr 2004

click here

Theres a good site for cheats or walkthroughs for many many games.

  Baslla321 17:19 01 Apr 2004

I have been there but they only have Guides/Walkthroughs for Playstation2 and GameCube. I need for PC.

  leo49 17:22 01 Apr 2004

Trued here?

click here

  leo49 17:22 01 Apr 2004

TrIed rather

  sidecar sid 17:30 01 Apr 2004
  BeForU 22:56 01 Apr 2004

You dont really need a PC specific one sicne the game is the same all on every platform. Only thing that is different would be the controls and even then, it isnt that hard to figure them out.

  BeForU 22:57 01 Apr 2004

Oh yes I've noticed you needed cheats as well so I guess thats something you wont find. But walkthroughs are basically the same though.

  Tog 07:18 02 Apr 2004

My kids (ahem) use this download. I don't know if the database has LOTR on it, though.

click here

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