Lost Windows Password

  exbrat67 13:21 08 Nov 2005

My grand daughter has a lap top and I put a password for either BIOS or Windows (8 months ago). She is now unable to get into the computer and the password that I remember does not work. Is their any way to get into the computer. Thanks

  Doire_Bhoy 13:26 08 Nov 2005

Reset password for Windows XP by hitting f8 at bootup, select safe mode, at logon, go to the admin account, hit enter, and the password is now reset.

  Doire_Bhoy 13:27 08 Nov 2005

Sorry, I need to add something.

once you've logged on as admin from safe mode, go to user accounts in the control panel, click your admin account and delete password. Reset PC to normal, everything should work.

To keep yourself safe in the future, go to user accounts (if you're admin that is) and click your name. to the left of you, there should be a related tasks option there, in that menu, select "Prevent a forgotten password" have a formatted floppy handy and create the disk.

To use the disk, simply get to your logon screen, hit enter, the "did you forget your password" box should show, in this box, select "use your forgotten password disk" place your floppy in the drive, click next, and type a new password. Simply logon again with the new password.

  exbrat67 19:31 08 Nov 2005

Thanks for your prompt reply. It now appears to be the BIOS password that is causing the problem. I suspect that this will be a more difficult .

  sinbad1 20:19 08 Nov 2005

this may help click here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:47 08 Nov 2005
  Jaro 22:16 08 Nov 2005


  exbrat67 17:57 14 Nov 2005

Thank you all for the help - now resolved

  holllow 05:10 21 Dec 2006

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