Lost Windows 98 start-up password

  wildhouse 21:54 24 Oct 2005

I gave my old Gateway P2 computer to my niece - it runs on Windows 98. However, she thought it would be fun to need a password to log in and now she has forgotten it! One can't even get past the start-up screen before a password is requested. After 3 attempts the system locks and is disabled and you have to turn it off and try again. Does anyone know how we can get past this problem? Thanks.

  splork 22:02 24 Oct 2005

Is that a gateway specific thing, or just the standard Windows password box? Usually you can just press escape to skip that.

  woodchip 22:03 24 Oct 2005

can you get in with safe mode keep pressing F5 as windows boots. Failing that if she as only just started using the password and as forgot it you may be able to get back in with a registry retore. if you want to try that just say

  Eric10 22:48 24 Oct 2005

Windows 98 didn't have a secure password system so I think you are talking about a user password set in the BIOS. If so then you can remove the motherboard battery and leave it out for a while in the hope that the BIOS will loose it's memory. I was going to recommend KillCmos click here but if I am right about the cause of your problem then you won't be able to boot far enough to run it from floppy.

  Chegs ® 05:03 25 Oct 2005

click here

Bound to be something usefull in this lot.

  Batch 08:15 25 Oct 2005

If you are talking about a W98 user password, you could try booting in DOS and then going to C:\WINDOWS and looking for any files with extension of .PWL (the full name would probably be <username>.PWL, where <username> is the name your niece used.

Try renaming the file (e.g. to <username>.LWP.

Then reboot. The login prompt may still appear, but don't type in a password, just hit Enter (or click OK) - you may still need to enter the username (it's been a long time since W98, so I'm not sure).

If this doesn't work, you can go back and rename the password file to .PWL with no harm done.

  wildhouse 13:24 12 Nov 2005

Thanks for all responses - the computer is at my nieces 70 miles away so next time I am there I will try all help given (nb it is the BIOS that is password protected so any further info would be much appreciated)

  VoG II 13:25 12 Nov 2005
  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:46 12 Nov 2005
  wildhouse 18:44 30 Jan 2006

Thanks to all for their help. I have finally got to the computer and ended up having to move the BIOS jumper a couple of times on the motherboard with info given by Gateway. It worked!

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