Davelion 14:25 21 Jun 2003

I Wanted to reinstall Windows ME on my computer
but i cant find the disk cover with the Windows key code, Is there any software that can find it from the original CD.

  VoG® 14:30 21 Jun 2003
  Meshuga 16:31 21 Jun 2003

Davelion, If you have Belark Advisor installed this will give you the Key. You will find it under " Software Licences." You can easily download Belark Advisor if you dont already have it. Meshuga.

  powerless 16:44 21 Jun 2003

A software license is different to a product key.

Belarc can only see the license number, it cannot reveal the product key...

To install an OS you need the product key after the installation your given the license number.

Aida32 can also reveal the product key click here

  leo49 16:58 21 Jun 2003

Run regedit, go to,
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/software/microsoft/windows/current version.


  keith-236785 17:30 21 Jun 2003

i have a small program that you may find interesting, it is called "keyfinder"

if you would like to e-mail me i will send it to you

  rev.bem 17:31 21 Jun 2003

Belarc shows my product key which matches the windows sticker on my PC.

  Jester2K II 17:33 21 Jun 2003

Keyfinder is the program VoG mentioned above. Its simple and does the job. Also works on Office too.

  bab5 17:43 21 Jun 2003
  Jester2K II 17:52 21 Jun 2003

Yes thats the link at the top of the page.....

  Jester2K II 17:54 21 Jun 2003

... you haven't wiped Win Me off yet have you?? The Code can't be extracted from the CD as the CDs are all identical.

The sticker on the packaging is the only difference between two copies of Windows Me.

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