Lost user profile account - Windows XP Home ed

  throwusurthong 18:20 12 May 2007

The other half was downloading a pod cast last week & left me in charge of shutting down the PC when it finished downloading - which i did in the normal way, start menu, shutdown etc.

That was last week.

Earlier this week (not sure if this is relavent or not) i opened up a PPT using my profile. It opened up fine, i could edit the PPT and then surf the net.
And shut down the PC in the usual way when i was ready.

So now, today the other half has logged onto their account & its lost. Access is being denied as there is an error!! AND ITS MY FAULT...well apparently.

Ok, i've logged into my profile (same PC) and into the C:/ drive & i can locate & see all of the other profiles info.

Please help........

  jay.p 19:35 12 May 2007

have you tried a system restore to the previous week?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:57 12 May 2007
  throwusurthong 08:15 14 May 2007

Thanks for the tips.

In a more calm manner i've taken a new look at the system, backed up the files and run a deep virus scan (which was clear) and reloaded all the info.

All seems well so far! :-D

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