Lost Toolbars Buttons - XPHome IE !

  SKODANUT 19:29 29 May 2008

I have tried 'Add/Remove toolbar buttons' in Windows Help & Support, no joy either from Forum Archives and System Restore.

Probably something very simple: (like me). Any ideas please ?

  birdface 22:21 29 May 2008

Not sure what you mean.Is it right click top Toolbar and tick Menu Bar is that what you mean.

  SKODANUT 22:42 29 May 2008

Thanks buteman, best I describe what is on my screen. Right clicking menu bar, ticked settings are Standard Buttons, Links,Lock the Toolbars. The Toolbar is a blank, it's just not there although until mid-day today everything worked fine.

Presumably I've touched the wrong key somehow, but I have no idea what has happened.

  birdface 22:58 29 May 2008

You don't have IE7Pro add-on downloaded do you.When you right click toolbar is menu bar ticked.If not tick it.I don't have standard buttons when I click the taskbar.

  birdface 22:59 29 May 2008

Should have said when I right click Toolbar.

  birdface 23:01 29 May 2008

When you untick lock the Toolbars you should see some dotted lines either drag them to the right or left and see if anything appears.

  SKODANUT 23:17 29 May 2008

Have ubticked Lock the Toolbars which has also unticked Standard Buttons, leaving only Links ticked.

No I don't have IE7 all my "Simply Explained" guides are for IE6. (Beginners beware anything in computerland bearing the dread word 'Simply')

Over to you buteman.

  SKODANUT 23:20 29 May 2008

Sorry, I can't see any of the dotted lines you describe.

  birdface 00:23 30 May 2008

Not sure about IE6 but if you right click an empty space on the Toolbar is Menu Bar ticked if not tick it.Or is menu bar not on the list.Have you ran any of your security programs.

  SKODANUT 00:26 30 May 2008

Sorry my friend, must put this query to bed for a while, this late nighter is hard going for this old timer. Will pick up thread in morning, many thanks for your help so far. Nite Nite!

  MCE2K5 02:43 30 May 2008

Found this 'The Menu bar and/or Toolbar may be missing when you open Windows Explorer and/or Internet Explorer' click here

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