Lost tool bar

  alfredgerald 20:46 15 Dec 2010

Running IE7. Have lost the ability to view my Google tool bar. Have right clicked in tool bar area and Google is ticked. There is a blank line in the tool bar area where it should be. Have tried Restore Point, no luck. Checked search defaults and Google is the default. Have down loaded it again. No luck Help!!

  northumbria61 21:34 15 Dec 2010

Maybe your browser settings, or your systems Antivirus/Firewall is preventing 3rd party browser add-ons.

That's all i can suggest sorry, have a poke around in your security settings and see if there's a setting preventing 3rd party stuff.

Try Tools >> Manage Add Ons >> Enable or Disable Add Ons >> Then click the "Google" Add on and then Enable.

  northumbria61 21:51 15 Dec 2010

Right-click on the toolbar in Internet Explorer and check whether Google is
one of the options. If it is, make sure it is ticked. If there is no Google
option or it is ticked and you still can't see the Google Toolbar, I suggest
uninstalling and reinstalling Google Toolbar. You can uninstall Google
Toolbar in Add or Remove Programs by selecting "Google Toolbar" and clicking
the Remove button. If this doesn't work, open up Internet Explorer and enter
"res://c:\program%20files\google\googletoolbar1.dll/uninstall.html" in the
address bar to display the Uninstall the Google Toolbar page. Click on the
Uninstall the Google Toolbar button, wait for the uninstall to complete and
then close Internet Explorer. You can then reopen Internet Explorer, go to
click here and then click the Download Google Toolbar button
to reinstall Google Toolbar.

  northumbria61 23:26 15 Dec 2010

Have you checked in Tools - Manage add-Ons - Toolbars and Extensions to see if Google Toolbar is Listed and ENABLED ?

  Migwell 00:29 16 Dec 2010

I dumped google tool bar as it is of little use and just takes up more space on the page

  alfredgerald 14:31 16 Dec 2010

Thanks all. I uninstalled the tool bar, cleaned the registry and emptied the browser cache then down loaded the tool bar again.
Seems to be working fine. Don’t ask why!!!

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