Lost thread-Transferring HHD

  ribo 20:14 09 Jun 2004

To all those who took the trouble to reply,I would just like to say that I have not ignored you all.I get an email saying I have had a reply,but I cannot follow the link or find my original thread anywhere. I do not know what is happening. J

  mammak 21:20 09 Jun 2004

ribo try looking in "veiw my posting" at the top of the page right hand side. Regards Mammak

  mammak 21:22 09 Jun 2004

PS. rather "view my postings" not veiw lol sorry
about that miss spell then.

  Mikè 22:18 09 Jun 2004

Here it is click here

  THE TERMINATOR 23:01 09 Jun 2004

Yes it is possible to change hard drives into other computers, but how much of a problem you will get, will depend on the specifications of each machine.

  end 19:30 10 Jun 2004

may I suggest, having been given the link to yoru original posting, that you now close IT and continue on THIS one, as your original thread has refused to "obey" the technology of single entry and produced its onw "repeats"!!!!!!

  ribo 20:14 10 Jun 2004

The link I was given, was to only one of the repeat threads that appeared. The thread(one of the many) that had the answers to my query has just vanished. It is not in "My postings". I give up!!. Thanks to everyone who took the trouble to reply even though,I never got to see them. J

  end 22:51 10 Jun 2004

try again!!!I had suggested that it could be like the van that vanished into thin air as reported on Crimewatch; the thread was heading for threee pages worth, and was that going to be readable ( get my "drift"??)

has it vanished in to the english fog somewhere??????

  end 22:53 10 Jun 2004

( good...THAT "worked"... my original entry went lost in cyberspace somewhere!!!!!!)fun here aint it....

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