Lost text when printing website pages

  Trikie 14:05 26 Oct 2003

Why do I often lose the last few right hand side words when printing from the web? I use Internet Explorer and XP.

Is it possible to adjust something somehow?

  recap 14:17 26 Oct 2003

The best way I have found is to select the text that you want to print and paste it in Word. Once you have it in Word you can then edit the text as you want it.

  Trikie 19:02 26 Oct 2003

Thanks Recap - I've tried this and sometimes it works but other times I still lose the right edge.

It gets worse - I have just tried copying a screen print into Works and it comes up with 2 images across the page width. The first half is the website screen and the second is my own menu screen.

Even if the copy over works it is very laborious when I want to print a lot of text.

  Trikie 20:58 26 Oct 2003

Thanks everyone.

Fortunately I have an Epson printer and have since tried the 'fit to page' - it seems to work 50% of the time.

Using Landscape does it 100%.

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