Lost taskbar-Urgent Appeal.

  spuds 11:12 01 Aug 2005

Please bear with me on this one, but I seem to have lost the header [top of page] taskbar within Internet Explorer. Yesterday, I was using the computer, and everything seemed fine. Leaving the computer and returning later I found some changes in respect that the top header bar a been changed and was no longer there. I was no longer able to put www. into the usual taskbar slot, it was missing.After doing some considerable experimenting,the taskbar returned!.

Starting the computer this morning and everything seemed fine, but after a short period, the taskbar disappeared. Again trying various things, I still do not seem to find the taskbar.What I have ended up with, is a taskbar that shows customize links-free hotmail-window-windows media [each of those links seem to point to click here?...

In the customize section, I seem to have a difference of changes in encoding from western european [ISO] to western european [windows], this seems to be an automatic change, and the computer is doing this on its own!.

The only way that I am able to connect to this website or any other is by using my Tiscali homepage and doing a search. No taskbar-No facility for normal www. search and connection.

Apologies if this posting is confusing,but I am trying to explain as an when things have gone wrong. Also apologies for any delays in replying as it may seem that my computer as developed a mind on its own.I have run the usual spyware, and no problems are showing up.Running XP Home.

  spuds 11:17 01 Aug 2005

The 'click here' appears to transfer to www. microsoft.com/isapi/redir.dll?... Not sure if this link is harmfull or possible may resolve the problem.

  961 11:22 01 Aug 2005

Have you got spywareblaster and spybot search and destroy?

If not download and run

I seem to remember something about microsoft anti spyware have an option to change the home page to a microsoft one. Do you have this installed and the option for home page enabled?

  De Marcus™ 11:26 01 Aug 2005

Is it displaying the same behaviour as what you would achieve by pressing f11 in IE?

  SEASHANTY 11:33 01 Aug 2005

Sorry cannot help withy the IE problem but you could probably have got to other websites using Firefox. If one browser becomes corrupt you can always try the other. I have all three browsers - I.E.6, Mozilla and Firefox installed on each of my three PC's.

  Sethhaniel 12:02 01 Aug 2005

Have you 'right clicked' the top bar and maade sure that all are selected - standard buttons - address bar etc
The in tools - internet options - general - home page - make sure the address is the one you noermally have as home page -

  spuds 12:10 01 Aug 2005

Thanks everyone for the fast response.

961-- I have SpywareBlaster,a2squared,AdAware,SpyBot and Microsoft Anti. All configured and up to date!. With regards Miscosoft Antispy, I have had many problems since 2nd version beta installation. I now think that I will dump it, until the main version comes out.

De Marcus-- Didn't try that, but have done now.Pressing F11 gives same results, no taskbar.

Seashanty-- I have IE installed on this machine, but do have the Firefox on download standby. If I download and install,is there anything to watch out for, that may require attention through using IE as well. Possibly a daft question, but not having much knowledge on other browsers, I am a little apprehensive!. Belt and braces man,me.

Still using the Tiscali search homepage as a connection to this and other sites.Making a mess up of my eBay buying and selling this morning.

  rawprawn 12:12 01 Aug 2005

See if this will help, click here

  spuds 12:15 01 Aug 2005

Sethaniel-- Tried that yesterday, and I am not sure whether that had anything to do with the problem correcting itself. Today trial doesn't seem to respond-still no taskbar.

Keep saying taskbar, hope I am correct!.

  spuds 12:20 01 Aug 2005

rawprawn-- Thanks for the link [good site], but I am not sure which section would cover the problem, and some have a donor subscription. Being a tight wad, I wouldn't want to subscribe until all avenues have been covered, freebie wise.

  mattyc_92 12:22 01 Aug 2005

Could you post a link to a screen-dump of what you are talking about please, so I can understand more what you are talking about?

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