Lost spellcheck in Office 2003

  cozowl 11:28 20 Feb 2010

Since installing Win 7 Ultimate, Office 2003 spellcheck has gone AWOL even though the Thesaurus works OK!
I've tried to reinstall Office 2003 (including all the updates) but to no avail.

Can anayone help?



  awest3 15:26 20 Feb 2010

Have you tried right clicking on the toolbar then clicked customise then clicked tools then left clicked @abc(spelling)' and tried to drag it onto the toolbar..?

  awest3 15:27 20 Feb 2010

@ should have been a left quote

  woodchip 15:32 20 Feb 2010

when you load the disc, does it give the option to repair Office?

  cozowl 15:47 20 Feb 2010

Have tried both, but no luck with either.
Thanks for the suggestions...
Anyone else?

  awest3 10:39 21 Feb 2010

It may be a normal.dot corruption..you could try deleting or renaming normal.dot to something else..office will create a new one when one of its programs start..

  cozowl 12:29 21 Feb 2010

where do I find normal.dot please?

  awest3 11:23 23 Feb 2010

should be in
Documents and Settings\Username\Application Data\Microsoft\Templates

If you're attempting to locate is to delete it, make sure all files are being shown, including hidden and system files.

  Woolwell 12:04 23 Feb 2010

Have you had a look through this? click here

  cozowl 13:28 23 Feb 2010

found the normal.dot files + normalold.dot etc.
deleted all.
As far as the hidden ones are concerned, don't I run a risk in deleting system files?

Thanks Woolwell for suggestion. Can't find a subject that really helps.

I've managed a workaround by consulting an on-line bilingual dictionary.

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