Lost Space of Hard Drives (Ghost Data?)

  Itchy Fingers 20:15 03 Jan 2005

I'm running Win XP Home with 3200+ AMD, 1024 Mb RAM, 2X120 GB SATA Raid hard drives plus a 200GB IDE back-up drive. I run Ghost to keep the IDE drive current with the data on the SATA drives (Belt braces etc).

I have been playing with transfering Video files from my camcorder and have created a number of large video files on the SATA drives (say 40Gbs worth).

Because I keep two or three Ghost back-up files on the IDE drive (80GBs Worth), Ghost said there was not enough space to do the regular back-up task. I transfered one of the historical back-ups to the SATA drive to free up the space, but this made things worse.

The IDE drive says it is full yet I can only see two 30GB files and the SATA drive is also nearly full, yet I would say there is 80Gbs of files on it tops.

I have run NAV, I have defragged the drive (ones to full to defrag), I have tried various clean-up utilities and Ashampoo yet nothing frees up the space, nor makes the clutter visible.

Anybody got any ideas?

  megat193 20:23 03 Jan 2005

Could be connected to recycle bin and/or windows temp folder. A friend had a similar problem which, funnily enough, was cleared by Window Washer and a cold boot. As to the exact cause, I do not know, especially after reading the steps you have taken so far. Which version of Ghost are you using? Version 9.0 should be all right, but any version using PC DOS might have a problem with a 200Gb HDD.

  Itchy Fingers 21:11 03 Jan 2005

Thanks for the response. I have already emptied the recycle bin and Temp folder (I even searched the drive for all files but found nothing untoward). I have since loaded and tried Window Washer and the cold boot (unplugged the PC for ten minutes) but I could not detect any improvement. It is Ghost 9.0, but this does not explain why the C drive is now full (272 Mb free). The IDE has 2.68 GB free.

  glen2409 21:13 03 Jan 2005


I use ghost and had a similar problem. I ran chkdsk and then defragmented the drive the image was on. I hope that helps

  megat193 11:42 04 Jan 2005

The answer eludes me. The only thing I can suggest is deleting the current ghost image files and creating a new one. At risk of sounding smartass, remember to hold down shift when deleting to ensure that the recycle bin is bypassed. I have read somewhere that this does make a big difference when the file space is being overwritten, as opposed to emptying the recycle bin. The other thing that might have an effect is the Recovery Disk file that Ghost 9.0 creates when you have created image/s. Transferring an image file set might not be detected in the that file, so Ghost still thinks the drive has all the image files still there.

  Itchy Fingers 22:14 05 Jan 2005

Hi Folks, Thanks for all your help. megat193 gave me the right steer. Norton System Works hides a large volunme of protected files. It does not remove these when it is emptied. I had to right click on the bin, sellect purge protected files and then defragged for good measure. I understand that NWS would purge these protected files after 7 days, but as you know when things start to grind to a hault (and the system restore turns off due to lack of space) you begin to panic and want the problem resved now.

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