lost in space?

  User-0863820E-D914-4CCE-BDE9879AF4A37D6B 15:35 30 Oct 2003

having had a lot of shutdown problems with windows ME I thought it best to format the hard drive. My 40gb HD was partitioned
into two halves C and D. So I decided to put it back the way it was before.I deleted drive D thinking that would make drive C 40gb again but no!! the space seems to have disappeard. I know it hasn't but can someone tell me where I went wrong.

you have just left yourself with unformatted space you need to go back and format the whole thing again if you just want 0ne 40g partition

I tried to do that but all it would do is format C which holds 20gb

  woodchip 16:03 30 Oct 2003

That will not do it, you have to use FDISK and remove all the partitions then recreate a partition using the full HD space and make the partition active then shut computer down not restart, then restart and format C:

Thanks guys.

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