Lost sound

  March Wind 16:34 05 Jun 2012

I have lost the sound. The plugs are in. I have started to download windows SpeedMaxPC setup wizard. Is this a good idea?

  KRONOS the First 16:46 05 Jun 2012
  KRONOS the First 16:47 05 Jun 2012

You would do better to just re-install your sound drivers again,that normally sorts it.

  Woolwell 16:49 05 Jun 2012

To start with the obvious - is the sound muted?

SpeedMaxPC is probably not a good idea.

  March Wind 16:52 05 Jun 2012

Yes the plugs are in. How do I install the sound drivers please

  Woolwell 16:56 05 Jun 2012

But have you checked that the sound is not muted? Look in the system tray, bottom right, for a volume symbol. Does that have a cross through it? Open it and check what volume it is et at.

What is your OS?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:08 05 Jun 2012
  1. check sound settings in control panel - muted or set to minimum?

  2. check in device manager for and errors against your sound card /chip?

  3. if your speakers are powered - are they switched on?

  4. try a set or earphones in the speaker socket to discount faulty speakers.

  March Wind 17:15 05 Jun 2012

The sound isn't muted. Maybe PC is on the blink. the screen keeps moving. I have XP

  lotvic 17:21 05 Jun 2012

stay away from SpeedMaxPC you don't need it. It's 'Free to try (Free scan, fix-disabled) $29.99 to buy' According to the reviews and other forums 'Anything it purports to 'fix' can be fixed in a safer and Free way' Also it finds problems that don't exist.

  shellship 18:17 05 Jun 2012

I lost my sound having had to unplug all the cables and had probably put all the audio ones back in the wrong place (by mistake). My Realtek on-board audio is supposed to manage this but obviously got itself in a muddle. Had to call in my local guru who, having gone through all the usual checks downloaded the latest driver from the Realtek site. Magic, all is well. So the advice from Chronos is probably spot on.

  March Wind 22:57 05 Jun 2012

Would you believe it. I was turning the sound up BUT I hadn't got it switched on. Thank you all for help.

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