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  rundell 11:00 13 Jul 2007


We've recently acquired a little-used 2/h laptop (IBM Thinkpad 26458EG) and we hope, among other things, to use it with our broadband connection to 'listen again' to BBC radio broadcasts.

However, no sound comes through even though we can see the programme streaming through in the BBC player window. Also, when I insert an audio CD, Windows Player shows the tracks being played but, again, no sound from the speakers. The same applies with the computer's own CD player.

The sound was fine before we set up our broadband connection with a wireless router. We have also, in the interim, installed and removed some antivirus and Realplayer s/w (they were too much for the 64 MB RAM and W2000sp4 OS). Our ISP advisor saw no way the internet connection should cause the problem. We don't know at what stage the sound was disabled.

I've checked the settings shown when double clicking the speaker icon in the task bar and all volumes are set at max and no mute box is ticked. There are no yellow warnings on components in Device manager.

I've worked through 'Help's troubleshooting to the point where it get's rather technical and I'm wondering if I've missed something much more simple.

I can't see any physical switches on the laptop itself. Can someone pl suggest what I can do to get sound or at least get more data from the computer that might help solve the problem?

Thanks, in anticipation


  Taff™ 11:38 13 Jul 2007

Which Operating System are you using? This could be that the driver needs reloading or "rolled back" to a previous version.

  Taff™ 11:41 13 Jul 2007

Correct model number is ThinkPad 600X 2645-8EG? May have been installed with Windows NT originally.

  HCOOH 11:53 13 Jul 2007

This is kinder on resources, I think you need some sort of real player for BBC stuff, may replace missing codecs as well.click here

  Taff™ 12:09 13 Jul 2007
  rundell 19:15 17 Jul 2007

Thanks, both.

Yes, the model is 26458EG. The OS is Windows 2000 with sp4 pack.

I'll try both suggestions when family member returns it from brief (and quiet!) loan.

  Taff™ 11:15 18 Jul 2007

Theredoesn`t appear to be a specific Windows 2000 driver but I think the NT version will work. Follow the installation instructions carefully though, they are not quite what I would have expected.

  birdface 11:37 18 Jul 2007

You could try Control Panel.Administrative tools,Services, Scroll down to Windows Audio and make sure it is set to automatic.This works with XP but may be different on yours.

  rundell 17:33 19 Jul 2007

Expecting return next week and looking forward to tryin these suggestions.

Meanwhile, many thanks.

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