Lost '+' sign in front of 'My Documents' - XP

  kwil2 17:54 04 May 2010

I’m running XP Home
The ‘+’sign next to 'My Documents’ in the left pane of Windows Explorer has suddenly disappeared.
No problem elsewhere within Explorer - all other '+' signs visible and expandable.
The contents/folders in ‘My Documents’ are displayed in the right pane and when I click on any of these, the ‘+’ sign returns and the left pane is once again fully expandable.
Checking on the web, this seems to be a common problem but I can't find a clear solution.
Can anyone help?

  mooly 19:25 04 May 2010

Might be worth trying system restore if it's only just happened.

  kwil2 03:40 05 May 2010

Hi...thanks for taking time to reply.
System Restore: great idea, lousy execution. Micrsoft at its most annoying.
Fortunately, I use imaging software and if I can't find a simple solution, then I'll restore from a previous recent image knowing that, unlike System Restore, my image WILL work!
Nevertheless, thanks again...

  mooly 07:31 05 May 2010

Lol... well it was the obvious choice, didn't know you had imaging software.

I actually have system restore turned off... use Acronis daily.

Have you actually tried SR out of interest to see if it fixed it.

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