"Lost" recovery Partition on a MESH PC

  robert21 23:43 06 Feb 2005

I recently had problems with my MESH PC which resulted in the System restore being corrupted midway through a restore. Ended up doing a reinstall of XP from the recovery disc provided but since then I don not get the message "Press F10 fo Recovery" on boot. I can see a 2.44GB partition in system information as well as the primary partition.

Anyone have any clues in getting the Recovery option back for future use.

  Diodorus Siculus 07:35 07 Feb 2005

Have you got a clean install of XP now? If so, run windows update and ensure you have all necessary updates then get something like Drive Image or Ghost and you can create your own recovery partition.

  FelixTCat 09:15 07 Feb 2005

Have you emailed Mesh technical help to ask them?

  MESH Support 11:53 07 Feb 2005

Using the recovery CD overwrites a part of the disc that is used to access the F10 recovery partition. The only way to get the partition back would be for us to remaster the hard drive in our workshop, or if you were to create your own using a third party application. Obviously with the latter option you would first need to purchase the software.

The recovery CD doesn't actually overwrite the hidden partition and so it will still exist, and now be wasting space on your hard drive. Given this, you may as well now delete the hidden partition to regain the space for your own use.


Mesh Support

  robert21 13:26 07 Feb 2005


Having now downloaded all lastest drivers i am just looking for the free space back. Can I delete the hidden partition to recovery the space without additional software?

  MESH Support 14:13 07 Feb 2005

Yes you can.

Locate "My Computer", which will either be an icon on the desktop or within the START menu. Use the right hand mouse button, click once. Select MANAGE from the list.

A new window will open with a list of items down the left hand side. Select DISK MANAGEMENT from the list. On the right hand side you will see a partition labelled "RECOVERY". Using the mouse again, right click once and select DELETE PARTITION.

You will need to create a new partition again before being able to use the space, and then format it. Right click on the partition again to access the create partition option, the formatting will be a question asked automatically after this first step.

Once done, you should end up with a new hard drive appear in your explorer windows, even though it is physically part of the same disk as drive C:.


Mesh Support

  robert21 15:35 07 Feb 2005

Any way of recovering the space into the existing partition? Ideally i would prefer this but without the needs for seperate software or a clean install?


  Diodorus Siculus 16:15 07 Feb 2005

You will need something like Partition Magic - £30 or so - or Partition Manager - free - google will find it for you.

  MESH Support 16:21 07 Feb 2005

The only ways are to wipe all of the partitions and then create a single partition making a clean install neccessary, or to use a third party application as Diodorus Siculus.

Unfortunately given my position I cannot recommend the third party applications as there is a small (very very small?) risk you may end up losing the partitions contents anyway.

If you do choose the latter option, please ensure you make a backup of everything you need to keep beforehand.


Mesh Support

  robert21 21:26 07 Feb 2005

Thanks for the assistnce. I'll stick with the seperate partitions until the event of having to do a clean install.

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