Lost ram

  zeppman 20:42 29 Jul 2006

I have a graphic card that is 64mb and I Have just upgraded from 512 to 1gb of ram.For some reason I have lost 32mb of the graphics it only shows 992mb on system.I was getting the full 64 on graphics after upgrade Thurs.I am thinking of reformatting.any ideas what it could be and how I get the lost ram back.

  zeppman 20:45 29 Jul 2006

The graphics card is intercrated if thats the right term

  spuds 20:46 29 Jul 2006

Something running in the background?.

  Themaestro023 21:05 29 Jul 2006

'Integrated'. Are you confusing your new 1GB of RAM with the graphics card power, which you say is 64mb? You may have bought your new RAM not in pairs or compatible sticks, or you may have to change them round to get them to work fully.

  zeppman 21:06 29 Jul 2006

The graphics card is intergrated if thats the right term

  zeppman 21:12 29 Jul 2006

It is one strip of 1gb ram not 2 512 strips of ram which I have put in first slot as advised by supplier.I have checked that I have the correct ram installed.

  ~#@@#~ 21:19 29 Jul 2006

They should be a setting in the bios to alter the size of integrated graphics. What is your motherboard make and model.

  zeppman 23:03 29 Jul 2006

have reformatted now only have only 224mb of ram should be 992mb

  josie mayhem 23:58 29 Jul 2006

When you have a intergrated graphic card with xxx ram, this will take it's ram from the main ram. So if you have 512mb ram in your system and the interagrated grapich card is 128mb then in realaity your system has only 384mb (if my maths is correct)to run everything else!

I would go into bois and see what is being asigned to your graphic card.... and change it to the lowest setting possiable...

  phono 00:00 30 Jul 2006

An integrated graphics card will usually share your system memory, so if, for example, you had 128 Mb of system memory and had the graphics set in BIOS to use 64 Mb Windows would then show your syatem as having 64 Mb of video RAM and 64 Mb of system RAM.

In other words, what ever amount of RAM you give to the onboard video will be subtracted from the actual amount of system RAM you have installed.

In the BIOS what is the maximum amount of video RAM that you can set? If it is 64 Mb that would suggest to me that your motherboard is not a relatively recent one and as such may not properly recognise a RAM module of that size without a BIOS update.

I would suggest that you try a reset of the CMOS, there should be a jumper on the motherboard to allow you to do this, also, what OS are you using?

  zeppman 08:53 30 Jul 2006

I'm using XP Pro SP2

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