Lost quality on photographs

  Grey Funnel 17:30 08 Dec 2003

Opening the photo alums to add new shots I found that all the existing one were now of a very poor quality, tried printing, came out as they looked, in photo editing they look as though shot on very low definition. tried loading from card via smart media floppy adapter straight into editot, same result. It is the same using compact flash via USB port. Photos that have been scanned and stored in other folders are just as bad when called up. Last week computer locked up during shut down and I had to unplug, next day started up in safe mode and I had to reset, did something go wrong then????
Grey Funnel

  skeletal 18:23 08 Dec 2003

This is very odd. The only thing I can think of that actually makes images poorer, is if you load a jpeg into an editor, fiddle with it, and save it back as a jpeg. Each new saving reduces quality.

The other obvious one is, again opening it up in an editor, and re-saving at a much lower resolution.

Whether Windows can automatically do this during a crash I don't know!!


  Morpheus? 18:29 08 Dec 2003

did you reset the display properties back to where they were............in control panel.

  Grey Funnel 08:47 09 Dec 2003

Skeletal & Morpheus, Thanks, yes I know about jpg re-saves but as some are tif ruled that out.
Had noticed that Outlook Express loaded up with white background panel now and the E icon for Explorer was a different blue. Have treble checked settings and yes I have been putting display at 256 instead of 32 bit.
everything now back as it should be.
Grey Funnel

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