Lost Programmes!

  spuds 15:15 09 Jan 2005

This past week, I have tried to install some new programmes from cd's. The installation tells me that they have installed successfully, but I cannot find them in 'All Programmes'and sometimes they have not appeared in Add/Remove. Going through My Computer, I can sometimes find the programme. What is going on!.

All I want is to install from a cd and use that programme.Using XP Home with SP1, which seems to be working fine.

  Graham ® 15:17 09 Jan 2005

How about making the destination folder Desktop, see if they appear there?

  Gongoozler 15:21 09 Jan 2005

If you can find the program in C:\Program Files, the program itself is usually recognisable by programname.exe. Try double-clicking on the program to see if it runs.

  spuds 18:16 09 Jan 2005

Been doing a little experimenting.One particular troublesome programme was tried via Programme Files.Kept returning an error message, saying that it could not find the cd-rom in the drive [it was there]. Requested that a re-run of set-up was done. Tried this a couple of times with still no success. Eventually sent an email to Focus and had a prompt auto-responder back--'Due to copyright, some cd's require a patch if using XP'.Patch link was supplied, and have now downloaded. Further trials now required!.

  Gongoozler 20:07 09 Jan 2005

Hi Spuds. If the program runs via Program Files, right click on the exe file and select "Send to - Desktop (create shortcut)" Once you have the shortcut, you can copy it to C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs. You may also find a program called uninstall.exe which you can (should) use instead of Add/Remove.

  spuds 17:59 11 Jan 2005

G--Tried your suggestion plus other ideas, still negative results.Passed the problem onto the cd company and they are going to send new items. Would appear as though the problem may have been due to an over keen copyright encryption.

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