Lost pophost address

  Bald Eagle 18:02 17 Oct 2003

While I was out of the country my ISP which was Powergen (run by Affinity) has changed or sold out to Breathe.com. Without my permission they have changed my payments from a credit card to my BT 'phone bill, I have learnt this from a friend who was on the same scheme. I tried to get in touch with them using OE6 to cancel the account but I get an error message saying that I don't have a valid address to send an e mail. I still receive it though. The pophost has apparently changed from pophost1.pgen.net to pophost1.breathe.com. However, I can't find the page on internet options where I can alter it. Where is the page? Then I shall contact them and cancel the account.
I want to do this because if I 'phone them it's 50p a minute! Running 98SE.

  MAJ 18:11 17 Oct 2003

It'll be in Outlook Express (if that is your email client) at Tools > Accounts > Mail tab, highlight the account name and click the Properties button, then click the Servers tab, that's where you should type in the new POP address, Bald Eagle.

  Bald Eagle 18:15 17 Oct 2003

Cheers MAJ I was just coming back to say it was mailhost!

  MAJ 18:25 17 Oct 2003

If you're having problems sending email, Bald Eagle, you'll also have to change the SMTP entry, in some cases this will be the same as the POP address, but checkout their site to be sure.

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