lost photos ? from picasa

  firebirdb 10:40 31 Jul 2011

I inadvertently erased a whole file of photos from "Picasa", can they be retrieved ?

  Nontek 12:11 31 Jul 2011

Possibly, try this direct download,


Before running it, make a new folder on your desktop and then before actually starting the program, browse within the program to your New folder. The recovered pics will then be easy to find in that folder.

You can even open that folder while the pics are being recovered to watch the progress, also if you click on Cancel to stop the process, pics recovered up to that point will still be in the new folder.

  firebirdb 06:35 01 Aug 2011

sorry to say that was no help at all, it downloaded every image in my PC from the smallest advert upwards of 10,000 pics which I had to delete ! The photos I wanted to rescue, were not amongst them......back to the drawing board ! perhaps there is a program that is more selective ?

  Nontek 06:43 01 Aug 2011

As CampicRestor did not find the pics, then I am afraid that IMHO they are totally lost - though I hope someone else can tell you different. I am sorry it did not work for you.

Only other thing I can think of is to try a System Restore back to before you deleted the pics.

  SparkyJack 10:19 11 Aug 2011

The first thing to know is that Picasa does not actually store images it is simply a location and ssimple adjustment program.

The images are in your machine somewhere - even if 'Deleted'[Delete simply means the boot record reference is switched off - the file is still there - as naughty people who 'Delete' files find to their cost} So this is what you do.

Try 1

Go to Start/Search/ and in the field type the following

*.JPG That is star[shift-8]dot JPG

Every JPEG on file no matter where will come up.

Try two

Download the following program PCInspector by Konvar

Install it ans set it to work finding all files including 'deleted' ones.

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