Lost Photographs

  ericthered7 12:13 28 Nov 2003

I am a computer novice. Bought my first less than a year ago. My computer was mistakenly reset to June 2003 by my young daughter before I had backed up a file containing Wedding Photographs. I lost these together with some work documents which I was able to retype. However, the Groom is now dying of cancer and would love to see my pictures of his wedding. I have been quoted £300 to recover the data and just cannot afford it. Any help or advice gratefully received. [email protected]

  Salinger 12:22 28 Nov 2003

There is a program which will recover photos even if they have been deleted. woodchip has it, I have too but I have to go out. I'll check back later, se if woodchip has replied.

  plankton 12:23 28 Nov 2003

Sorry to her your problems...

Have you set the date back to NOW and tried to access the files again? I assume (hope) your daughter only amended the date, and didn't actually delete anything?

  Diodorus Siculus 12:30 28 Nov 2003

click here for a little prog which may do the trick.

But it is is gone since June, there is little hope, even for a professional company. Good luck with it.

  Salinger 12:55 28 Nov 2003

OK, I found it, don't have the web site, but a former member here had posted a downloadable copy on another Forum. If you go here click here and scroll to the third posting down you can download it. It will recover ALL pictures which have not been overwritten. Good Luck!

  Salinger 13:00 28 Nov 2003

This program works on Flash cards AND HDDs

  bruno 13:11 28 Nov 2003

How did she reset your computer and which OS are you using?

  bruno 13:13 28 Nov 2003

By the way,it is not advisable to include e mail addresses in the forum.

  sattman 16:36 28 Nov 2003

When you say your computor was reset are you referring to it having been restored to June 2003 using the System Restore facility?

If this is so in Win ME and XP you can reset it back to where it was providing you still have access to the restore points.

  VoG II 16:42 28 Nov 2003

System Restore only restores system files. It doesn't touch documents, photos, e-mails etc.

  Salinger 17:14 28 Nov 2003

When you reply it would be interesting to know if woodchip's program recovered your pictures.

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