Lost password for OneNote Folder

  loginnow 06:48 12 Apr 2010

Has anyone got a suggestion that will help me unlock one of my OneNote folders that was locked with a password containing a typo. Stupid I know!!

  northumbria61 07:49 12 Apr 2010

If you are unable to access information because you do not know the correct password, please realize that Microsoft support professionals cannot assist, under any circumstances, in the breaking of passwords applied to files and features within Microsoft programs.

If you haven't already got SIW program on your PC you can download from my link; - it will show you all the system info on your PC and there is a section that shows passwords - it MAY show the info that you need.

click here

  northumbria61 07:54 12 Apr 2010

Also - I don't know if you have tried any password recovery programs BUT the password recovery
programs are not working then you are out of luck.

Uninstalling and reinstalling will not work either.

The reason microsoft can't send you the password is they do not know it. The password is saved
locally in the file, not on their servers

  northumbria61 08:01 12 Apr 2010

Hi loginnow - just found this one for you - there is a download for OneNote password recovery - you could try it - it MAY help you. I have no knowledge of this download so I can't advise you any further. Good luck.

click here

  loginnow 20:31 21 Apr 2010

Many thanks for your suggestions. SIW is a great utility but unfortunately does not sort this out for me. Currently trying your other suggestions, and other trials but it is a bit bewildering. Some don't seem to work whilst others MAY, but to find out it costs quite a few quid. Will percivere whilst I am still sane(ish).

  northumbria61 21:27 21 Apr 2010

Your original - "one of my OneNote folders that was locked with a password containing a typo."

There doesn't appear to be a magic wand to solve this. You say it was a "typo error" so have you maybe just hit a key either side of your original password ? - (Quite easy if you have big fingers like mine) It may be worth a try "playing" about with your original password. Sorry I can't advise any further.

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