lost password to access XP Pro

  vs6gyrob 21:07 20 Mar 2013

While trying to 'clean things up' somewhere along the line,the log on, log off, panel info changed, and so did my ident.? after closing down the pc, I later came to start up again, and was asked for my user name and password...? Tried all known passwords I have used ? but no way could I get to my desktop..Tried Bios, then Safe mode ( same problem in safe mode) 'last configuration that worked ! Now I just don't know what to do ..(Using XP Pro as 2nd PC) Would greatly appreciate any help ... Thanks

  lotvic 13:34 21 Mar 2013

This should help http://www.kellys-korner-xp.com/winxppasswords.htm

  lotvic 13:36 21 Mar 2013

Darned pca formatting..... ClickHere kellys-korner

  vs6gyrob 10:43 22 Mar 2013

Good morning lotvic, sorry for the delay in answering. Mains power just come back on after 5 hour cut.. However, many thanks for your info , strange thing is, the computer in question will not 'fire up' at all (wonder if it has anything to do with the power failure??)But your help is nervertheless, greatly appreciated. The link you passed on looks interesting.. dear oh dear; if it 'ain't one thing , its another '!!
must try and get the 'thing' working somehow... Again, my thanks for your interest...Will post a reply if I can just get it going again,, Best wishes , thanks.. ( Must shift the snow first !! from the front door) !!!

  lotvic 11:44 22 Mar 2013

Ok, dig yourself out of the snow first :) let us know how you progress with pc, hope the power outage hasn't done major damage to it. I always take out harddrive when troubleshooting 'dead' pcs, so I can concentrate on checking fans, display etc and then when I can boot into bios ok I shut down and then reconnect harddrive to attempt the Windows bit.

  vs6gyrob 12:24 22 Mar 2013

Hi again lotvic,, Well;been at it for the past 45 mins, and find that the cd rom drive does not work , disconnected the plug (board to dvd, 21 pin) tried the power again and the drive ejects ok, rather feel that ,motherboard gone for a 'burton'! or should I say, its probably 'knackered'. Not duly bothered, lotvic, At least, I have the main PC working fine (fingers crossed) Now, must think' about clearing the snow ?? Cheers, and thanks.!

  lotvic 12:39 22 Mar 2013

okay :)

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