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  Rubroy 22:24 13 Apr 2003

Once more into the breach..... Help! I had some clever children staying over a few days ago and thought it wise to change the content advisor ratings in Internet Options. I never use this file usually as I am the only user of the machine. Any way, you guessed it - I chose a temporary silly password, entered the 'hint' box and went merrily on my way, forgetting to write
the password down. Now I need to change the settings back and can't remember the darn thing. The hint I made doesn't help either!

Short of reinstalling OE (and can I do that without reinstalling Windows {XP}) is there any way round this that anyone knows?

  armageddon_outta_here 22:30 13 Apr 2003

we could try to guess your password, if you tell us the hint!

  cycoze 23:05 13 Apr 2003
  Belatucadrus 23:12 13 Apr 2003

click here for some password recovery programs, one may be suitable for what you want to do.
Say how do we know you aren't one of the "Clever Children" ? we could be torpedoing some harassed parents attempt at security. Oh dear.

  Rubroy 15:28 08 May 2003

I finally got out of the hole by trying all the combinations I could think of. It took about half an hour but I got there - and NO, I am not one of the kids, though I guess you could have been right at that! Thanks to everyone for trying.

  _Treb_ 15:39 08 May 2003

Poor deluded man. Best of luck.

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