Lost password

  Sealer 09:31 07 Oct 2009

Ahh! My Acer laptop needs to return to an earlier date. Trouble is it wont accept my password in E-recovery (I am using the right 1) Is there any way to find in the registry?
Acer 5920,Vista SP2

  Technotiger 09:52 07 Oct 2009

Download and run click here then click on Secrets in the left-hand column, you might then see your Password listed.

  Terry Brown 09:54 07 Oct 2009

Try using Belarc, or SIW.exe (download from internet), they will give you all the passwords(except Email) list on your computer.

  Sealer 09:56 07 Oct 2009

Thanks Technotiger , will run it later (time for work) Fingers Crossed.

  Sealer 19:30 07 Oct 2009

Tried SIW, No joy Im afraid. This only seeks out passwords saved by windows; not individual programs (acording to their website) Hmm!
Any more ideas would be great! PLEASE

  Technotiger 20:21 07 Oct 2009

As Terry Brown said above - download and run Belarc Adviser, you can then print out the results showing all your Programs and Passwords ... click here

  Sealer 20:31 07 Oct 2009

Nice one, on my way

  Sealer 20:47 07 Oct 2009

Is it me? I still cant see any of the info I need!
Am I missing something?

  Technotiger 08:30 08 Oct 2009

Hmm, not sure exactly what you are trying to do ...

returning to an earlier date, usually means using System Restore ... click here

Or ...

What happens when you press Alt+F10 during booting?

  Sealer 09:48 08 Oct 2009

Hi, I am trying to restore to a date before i updated my system (gone a bit belly up) using Acers E-recovery. Windows restore had been turned off because of using Acer. E-recovery will not accept my password (grr!) I have tried using both software's suggested with no sign of a password. Its looking like a back to new reset: if it will accept my discs. Will try Alt+F10 during booting.

  Sealer 09:56 08 Oct 2009

Alt+F10 during booting brings up the acer recovery page up, the same issue is there "wrong password" A full reset looks like its on the cards.. Cheers

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