lost paint, calculator, all windows games-

  ReyesKing 14:34 18 Feb 2005

hi ive lost all of these and whatever else are with them in the accessories. how do i get them back?? thankyou

  VoG II 14:36 18 Feb 2005

Control Panel, Add or Remove programs. Add or Remove Windows components. You may be asked for the Windows CD.

  ReyesKing 14:39 18 Feb 2005

hi thanks vog, when i type calculator for example in search it comes up as a result, so they seem to be on the computer but not where i want them. if i do control panel, add remove windows components, it may remove them forever?

  VoG II 14:41 18 Feb 2005

No, you can add or remove them at will *provided* that you have a Windows CD.

Are you saying that the Accessories folder on the Start menu is empty? Have you looked in the Recycle Bin?

  ReyesKing 14:58 18 Feb 2005

hi, to my knowledge i have no windows CD. it is strange i have calculator in accesories, but no paint or any of the windows games such as pinball, hearts. what can i do?

  VoG II 15:00 18 Feb 2005

Start, Run, type or paste in


and click OK. Does Paint load?

  quack 15:01 18 Feb 2005

If you are running Windows ME or XP as your OS try a system restore to a date when you know they were all there.

  VoG II 15:01 18 Feb 2005

Have you tried a System Restore to before they went missing?

  FelixTCat 15:02 18 Feb 2005

You have probably just lost your shortcuts.

Look in the Windows and Windows\System32 directories.

Solitaire is sol.exe, paintbrush is pbrush.exe, minefield is winmine.exe, hearts is (I think) hearts.exe, calculator is calc.exe.

Just make a new folder and create shortcuts in it.

  ReyesKing 15:11 18 Feb 2005

hi Vog when i type in
paint does run. i tried a system restore to when they were there but it didnt work. also i in=stalled some import files since then so i could lose them if i go earlier

  ReyesKing 15:12 18 Feb 2005

hi felix cat, can you give me instructions please?

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