Lost Outlook Express e-mail Identity

  Tone 13:06 16 Aug 2003

My ISP recently switched its service provider for the second time this year and linked its users to new access software which, after few glitches, functioned OK on Web access but left me with an e-mail problem. My own mail identity (xxxxmcd) works OK but my wife (mcdxxxx) lost all her Inbox and Sent messages and her Address Book. The ISP checked all Account settings on both identities which proved OK, decided the problem lay in my Outlook Express (IE6) installation and could not help further. In the end I set up a fresh identity for my wife but, although she can send mail OK, any incoming mail shows as being received but does not appear in her Inbox.

I notice I have around eight different hex strings in C:\Windows\Application Data\Identities\ of varying dates, mostly reflecting the dates of the two service provider switches. One of these contains folders for both identities (xxxxmcd and mcdxxxx) in ..........\Identities\BB9E0DE0-D2CB-11D6-946D-FE9FB53A6D2F\Microsoft\Outlook Express\xxxxmcd (or mcdxxxx). The files in xxxxmcd are dated 13/08/03 and in mcdxxxx 31/07/03 so the former is current while the latter has not moved since it was set up. However, there is another folder (Identities\96CD.........\Microsoft\Outlook Express) which updated on 14/08/03 which is obviously where the mail for mcdxxxx is going although there is no Identity folder.

None of the other Identities shows any identity folder in ................\Outlook Express although there are cleanup.log, and .dbx files for Inbox, Outbox etc. Is there any way I can get to read the contents of the Inbox.dbx and Sent.dbx files in these presumably closed folders? How can I divert the incoming mail from 96CD....... to BB9E...........?

  exodus 16:27 16 Aug 2003

See if this utility will allow you to read the dbx files in those folders.
click here

  Tone 15:37 30 Aug 2003

Thanks Exodus - this has helped me look at the contents of the folders. My wife's incoming e-mail is appearing in my Inbox not hers, although she can send e-mails from her identity. However, I think we can regard this problem as resolved unless you have any suggestions how my wife's incoming e-mail, which shows as being received by her identity not mine, cna be persuaded to appear in the correct Inbox.

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