Lost Outlook Address Cards

  warthog01 10:49 09 Jan 2006

After attempting to design some card labels in Outlook 2000 contacts, I've somehow lost all my address cards. The data is still there, because I can view the "detailed address cards" and all the additional info that I don't need therein, but I'd like to get the basic cards back. Can anyone suggest a fix, please?

  exdragon 17:02 09 Jan 2006

Have you checked all the different views under the View/Current View form the main menu bar?

  rawprawn 17:38 09 Jan 2006

Try View/ click on Folder List, is it in there.

  warthog01 07:13 10 Jan 2006

Dragon & Prawn

Thanks, but I've checked those options. Again, I have all my addresses available in the "Detailed Address Cards" view, but that's too much information. When I try to open the basic "address cards" view I get a blank page with a message:"There are no items to show in this view"

  brambles 12:20 10 Jan 2006

Why not try File/Print this will show all the various card templates - you can preview from here. If you want to design card labels Avery is a much better application. Brambles

  warthog01 06:29 11 Jan 2006

Thanks, Brambles--that's what I should have done. Problem now is all the address cards have disappeared and I need them back before I can even consider the labels again!

  brambles 14:55 11 Jan 2006

Why not:
Export Contacts to Excel - straightforward just open your Contacts & click on Import/Export and then Export to an Excel file.

When you open the Excel file you can if you want to delete any columns you don't require (but it isn't necessary)

Now do a Mail Merge in Word for a label - for the purpose of this exercise select J8160 which you should have in your drop down list. This will give you 3 columns X 7 rows. Just print on plain white paper to get an idea how they look.

Don't mind you emailing if you want some really detailed info.

Brambles (75 year old enthusiast ) these little problems make you think of other ways of doing something!

  warthog01 10:20 02 Feb 2006

Thanks, Brambles--you've got me by a few years (but not as many as you might think!) Hang in there and keep up the good work.

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