Lost Opera Menu Button

  Simsy 11:57 25 Mar 2010


I've been using Opera for ages, years in fact...

I've just installed the latest version, 10.51. Instead of a menu bar, at the top, it has a menu button, top left, (similar to Office 2007 button). One of the options on this is to "Show menu bar". I clicked this and the menu bar does show, but the button disappears... and I can't get it back! I'ts suppossed to reappear after a restart,, but it hasn't, (Both an Opera restart and a Windows restart have been tried). I tried a reinstall over the top, choosing the "repair" option, and that hasn't worked. And I've tried the various shortcuts that I've got from elsewhere, Alt key etc.

Any suggestions as to how to get it back, short of a complete uninstall/reinstall, (which I'd like to avoid due to various passwords etc being saved.

(Win XP home)

Thanks in advance,



  beynac 12:20 25 Mar 2010

I have a menu item on the 'File' menu of 'Show Menu Bar'. If I click on this, the menu disappears and the button reappears.

  beynac 12:23 25 Mar 2010

I've just read my posting and think that it is a bit unclear.

The 'File' menu, on the menu bar, has an option to 'Show Menu Bar'. Click on this and the menu bar will disappear and the button reappear.

I would have thought that it should say 'Hide Menu Bar'!

  Woolwell 12:34 25 Mar 2010

Hm - I've just been playing with Opera 10.51 adding and removing the menu bar. When I have removed the toolbar I then have to click on the Opera button to tick against show menu bar. the menu bar doesn't immediately appear. I have to hover the mouse over its area and it appears. Have you hovered your mouse over the area where it should be?

  Woolwell 12:36 25 Mar 2010

I've just re-read your posting. Is it the button that has disappeared? I find you have the menu bar or button but not both.

  Woolwell 12:39 25 Mar 2010

From Opera help: "If you do not see the red "O" menu button, click an empty part of the tab bar and select Customize > Reset Toolbar to its Defaults"

  Simsy 12:42 25 Mar 2010

I have the menu bar... I want to get back to not having a menu bar, and having just the button.

It's not clear to me how to remove the menu bar.
From beynac's post of 12:23 I have just looked and my "File" menu doesn't have the "Hide menu bar" option! see this screenshot;

click here

I guess I have some corruption in one of the files!

I'm still open to suggestion, (but am about to disappear out for a while!)




  Simsy 12:45 25 Mar 2010

Thanks, but, "If you do not see the red "O" menu button, click an empty part of the tab bar and select Customize > Reset Toolbar to its Defaults" didn't work!



  beynac 13:05 25 Mar 2010

"...my "File" menu doesn't have the "Hide menu bar" option!"

That's very odd! The menu item I have is 'Show Menu Bar' (not Hide..) and is second from bottom (just above 'Exit'.

  Woolwell 13:08 25 Mar 2010

I've just ried moving my Opera button around. You're supposed to be able to add it to other toolabrs. I find that I can only add it to the main menu and tab bar. You could try adding to to a toolbar see click here and expand menus and toolbars.

  Woolwell 13:09 25 Mar 2010

Too many typos but I think the gist is clear.
Same as beynac I have show menu bar.

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