Lost Office Discs!

  Freddog™ 13:05 04 Feb 2006

I have lost my Microsoft Office 2002 Discs and my Microsoft Works Disc! Stupid I know but when you live with seven other people it's hard! Is there ANY way I can just get Word (even 2000) and AutoRoute?? It's just, I've just formatted a friends PC and I need Word and AutoRoute. I have Office on other PC's but when I transfer it, it says "This version of Office is not configred on the presenst operating system" or something like that. Any ideas?

  onthebog 13:22 04 Feb 2006

Assuming that you don't want to use illegal P2P, a legal alternative is Open Office. Anyone familiar with MS Office will be able to get going in no time. click here

The two apps are VERY similar - but one is free
Download.com click here may provide a free alternative to AutoRoute.

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