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  Minkey1 13:02 22 Jan 2006

Hi folks

We've 2 lappys and a desktop, all on XP H or P, and the workgroup MSHOME. All shared, surfed, printed fine, and I was able to move/copy either via My Network Places, or by highlighting a file and choosing the right machine & location from the drop down list.

However, since installing WD Netcenter click here for all 3 to use for backups, shared files & folders on the 3 machines are no longer listed. On them all, My NW Places only shows one of the lappys and the Netcenter, so I'm back to using a pen drive instead of the network.

Anybody any ideas why this should be ?


  Minkey1 14:12 22 Jan 2006

Ref the above, I've raised a support request with Western Digital as well. Meanwhile, just a thought, our router is a BT 2100. The desktop is on ethernet, one of the laptops sits by me so is on ethernet (plus it's wireless card is on) and the other lappy is on wireless. The Netcentre is on ethernet and although there is a spare ethernet port on the router, I'm wondering if the combination of wireless and wired connections is more than the router can support ?

Any thoughts ?


  Minkey1 16:55 22 Jan 2006


  Minkey1 19:05 22 Jan 2006

Anyone any ideas ?

  mgmcc 21:03 22 Jan 2006

Is it possible that installing this new network device has caused a change to the IP addresses throughout your network, so that any firewall software is now incorrectly configured and blocking access?

  Minkey1 21:23 22 Jan 2006

Cheers, I'll check the firewall settings (Kerio)when I'm back at the desktop. The laptops do still print OK so to that extent the network is still there. Wouldn't IP addresses be renewed anyway as machines are turned on and off ?

All 3 Pc's plus the Netcentre are listed in the Router Configuration Mgr so I'm at a loss at to what's happening here. I could check the router firewall as well. Does XP have any limitations on number of network places ?

Will report back.


  mgmcc 21:47 22 Jan 2006

<<< Wouldn't IP addresses be renewed anyway as machines are turned on and off?>>>

Yes, but different routers behave differently. My old "wired" Belkin always allocated the same IP address to each computer whereas my current router allocates on a "first come, first served" basis.

<<< Does XP have any limitations on number of network places >>>

XP Home Edition supports a maximum of five computers in the network, Professional doesn't have this restriction, but you haven't exceeded Home Edition's limit.

However, if Printer Sharing is still working, this is all academic, because the computers are talking to one another. Question is why are they not all appearing in My Network Places in every PC? My inclination would be to "unshare" all of the folders that are currently shared, reboot for good measure and then set up "sharing" again on the relevant folders. What this does do is to enable "sharing" after the network storage device has been installed, which may or may not be significant.

  Minkey1 23:15 22 Jan 2006

Thanks for this. If the laptop I'm on now counts as 2 PC's (as both ethernet & wireless are on) I'm up to 5 effectively, although this and the other lappy are on XP Pro so it sounds as if that's not an issue anyway.

Incidentally both types of connection have regularly been on this one without conflict before, but is it better practice not to have 2 connections to the same network simultaneously ? I have it like this so I can move around and maintain internet and network access. Before the new drive it never seemed to cause a problem.

Presumably there's no limit to the number of shares across the networked machines ?

I'll try your suggestion tomorrow and report back.

Thanks for your help.


  mgmcc 09:46 23 Jan 2006

<<< If the laptop I'm on now counts as 2 PC's (as both ethernet & wireless are on) I'm up to 5 effectively >>>

No, it doesn't. The fact that there are two paths across the network doesn't mean there any additional "virtual" computers to use up your quota of five :-)

I frequently have a wired and a wireless connection running simultaneously from one of my PCs with no ill effect. You can easily enough right click one of the connections in the Network Connections folder and select Disable.

<<< Presumably there's no limit to the number of shares across the networked machines ? >>>

None that I'm aware of.

  Minkey1 11:09 23 Jan 2006

Hi mgm

Checked Kerio and the router firewall. I hadn't changed anything prior to the problem, and couldn't see any issues. In any event, can print across the network and ping all from each other, so I think firewall settings can be ruled out.

So, I unset all shares, rebooted, and reset shares. Made no difference.

Looking at My Comp, the Netcentre is listed as a Network Drive. If I right click on it and select disconnect, I cannot access the NC, but shares are still not visible.

However, if I physically unplug the ethernet connection to the router, shares re-appear !

So, it is the WD NC, and I've got it logged with them. Meanwhile I've got a workaround as we don't back up daily, but in my work I copy/move across shared folders all the time.

I went for this as it avoided yet another USB connection, and included the equivalent of a print server. We would be able to back up/print without the desktop being on.

Should have just accepted the limitations of a USB drive, and it would have been a lot cheaper !

Thanks for you help with this. I know at least one other forum member has this drive so I'll leave it O/S till WD respond.



  Minkey1 13:42 24 Jan 2006

WD support now advise:

"We know this problem, it seems to be a conflict between the netcenter and the router . When there is already a network via the router and you connect the netcenter to it, it is not usable together because of the ip ranges.

You can try to manually assign ip’s, then it will work."

So, I'll now think about swapping it for a USB equivalent, or use the workarounds.

Thanks mgmcc for your help with this.


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