Lost Nero 'Print Cover' facility

  Wes Tam ;-) 12:51 31 May 2003

For some reason the 'Print Cover' under 'File' is now greyed out, as is the 'Print Cover' icon.

I've tried downloading Nero again but nothing has changed.

I e-mailed Nero support 2 days ago but, as yet, have had no response.

Running under Windows ME. Nero Cover Designer is working as a stand-alone.

Any advice would be welcome.

  -pops- 12:57 31 May 2003

I have lost the Cover Designer as well. The icon is now a standard Windows window and clicking it gets nowhere.

I'm not too bothered as I didn't use it but it would be interesting to know where it's gone


  Wak 16:37 31 May 2003

Hi, I've only had Nero for a few months but I've just had a look out of curiousity and my Print and Print CD Cover is also greyed out when viewed under File in the normal Burning CD Rom program.
To access my Cover Design program I have to go to Start/ Programs/ Ahead and select the Cover design shortcut which then becomes accessible as a new and separate program.
In Windows Explorer, CoverDesign appears as a separate folder under the main AHEAD folder and contains ten files and a folder called Templates.
I recently updated my version from the Nero Web site but haven't noticed any radical changes.
My programs have always appeared the same as they do now.

  Wes Tam ;-) 16:49 31 May 2003

Wak previously when I had compiled a CD I could click on the print CD icon which would then automatically import all the track details to the cover.

  Wak 18:14 31 May 2003

Sorry Wes Tam, but I can't offer any further info as I only use Burn and CoverDesign as separate programs.
Maybe it's greyed out because you haven't burned your CD yet??? Is that likely???

  OneSirKnight 18:38 31 May 2003
  Wes Tam ;-) 10:06 01 Jun 2003

Thanks Wak, I've burned another CD to verify but no change.

I will close this string but if I get a reply from Nero (I'm not holding my breath!) I shall post the resulting advice.

In the meantime I'll look at the suggestion from OneSirKnight (for which, thanks).

  -pops- 10:41 01 Jun 2003

If you just want templates for a cover, download the Avery Wizard for free they have a number of inserts, covers and other things. Although intended for Avery products, these cover templates can be used on plain paper and cut to suit.

Download from click here


  apollonia58 17:26 01 Jun 2003

I updated Nero last week and noticed that I no longer had the cover designer. After a little research I discovered the Cover designer is included in the helpfiles, which you can download from the Nero website.

  Wes Tam ;-) 10:37 02 Jun 2003

My apologies to Nero, they have responded:

"Please upgrade to our latest Nero software from our website at click here and be sure your model recorder is selected in Nero's Recorder->Choose Recorder, and see if this resolves your issue.

PS. This upgrade works for Nero Burning Rom as well as Nero Express. The same upgrade for both."

Although, as I said in my original posting, I had downloaded Nero again (and I also had the correct recorder selected) I followed their instructions and, lo and behold, I have the cover designer box back and all is working OK.

I don't understand why because the version no. is what I've had loaded a long time, and if it had become corrupted why hadn't my other download resolved it?

Sometimes this computer does my brain in but now I'm now a happy chappie so I'll kiss it and make up!!

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