Lost my second hard drive - help please

  fastfitter 22:27 02 May 2006

I've been running my pc with two hard drives for a year or so now - 'C' drive has the OS (XP Home) and all programme files on it, and the second one 'F' has all my music, vids, pics etc. on it ('D' and 'E' are dvd drives)

I did some deleting on 'F' tonight, old albums and vids I no longer want, then did a disc clean-up (My Computer, right click the drive and select properties) and defrag on both 'C' and 'F'. Shut down and watched the News/Simpsons. Came back and re-booted and 'F' is now showing empty - I get a message saying that the disc in drive 'F' is not formatted, do I want to do it?

I've done a system restore back to yesterday and a couple of shut-downs/re-starts but it still shows empty in My Computer, and I get the 'do you want to format?' message if I click on it.

While it's not the end of the world, this drive has (had) all my pictures and music and stuff from a club I'm the membership secretary of on it. Naturally they're not backed up on CD

I've taken the side off to have a look and the cable connections are good. The drive is warm suggesting (to me) that it's spinning.

The 'F' drive is still shown in Hardware/device manager and it says it's working correctly. It's a Maxtor 6Y120LO probably just over a year old.

Any thoughts please - try to keep 'your screwed mate' for three or four replies down ;-)

I would be prepared to pay a reasonable sum to retrieve the stuff on it if possible to save me hassle later.

Thanks in advance

  Diodorus Siculus 23:15 02 May 2006

A few things:

Right click on My computer

choose manage

then disk management

What's there?

2: [quote]Naturally they're not backed up on CD[/quote] Naturally they should be :-(

3: [quote]Naturally they're not backed up on CD[/quote] This isn't likely to be a "reasonable sum" sad to say.

4: There is a chance that if you have to format the disk, using a program like restoration will find a lot of the images again.

  Diodorus Siculus 23:16 02 May 2006

#3 shoud read

[quote]prepared to pay a reasonable sum to retrieve the stuff on it i[/quote] This isn't likely to be a "reasonable sum" sad to say.

PS Good luck!

  woodchip 23:22 02 May 2006

You can get the Drive back using Acronis Disc Manger suite. Read click here

I have used this before I got the above, with success but it's more complex than Acronis click here

  tims31 23:33 02 May 2006

Not quite the same, but I had this problem after I had reformated the C drive my other drive - 200gb partitioned into 3 was showing as one drive and gave the same response. Is it showing as RAW?

Thought I would have to do a recovery by expensive means but after installing XP SP2 all was OK. I think it had something to do with support for drives over 160gb???

Maybe do a few reboots and check you updates are all ok.

Not that helpful but maybe worth a try.

  fastfitter 06:16 03 May 2006

Thanks for the replies chaps.

I've found disc management and it's shown there (can't link the screenshot I took) and it's shown there as ..

volume - 'F'
layout - partition
type - basic
file system - blank
status - healthy (active)
capacity - 114.48GB
% free - 100%

I'll have a look at that Acronis link but it's likely to baffle me, my knowledge and understanding is a little 'basic' ;-)

Thanks for the help so far.

  fastfitter 06:24 03 May 2006

[QUOTE=tims31]after installing XP SP2 all was OK.
Maybe do a few reboots and check you updates are all ok.[/QUOTE]

I've got SP2 installed and it's set to automatically dowload and install updates.

I kind of hoped it'd re-appear when I booted up this morning but no such luck :-(

  wobblymike 07:00 03 May 2006

I'm afraid your answer is in your post at 0616

File system Blank - means it has no file structure either NTFS of FAT32

% free 100% means its empty

It needs formatting to give it a file structure which means all your data is lost unless you're willing to invest in some potentially expensive disc recovery software which I have never used so can't comment on.

  remind 07:16 03 May 2006

Always worth giving it the once over with some recovery software.
click here
click here

  woodchip 15:59 03 May 2006

Acronis above will get the partition back

  Diodorus Siculus 16:21 03 May 2006

woodchip - will it recover a whole disk?

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