blackpat 19:25 16 Oct 2003

Hi all, I have Freeserve anytime as my isp, but when I switch on my computer and get to desk top and then hit the "blue "e" to get on line, my connection box doesn't appear, it just says "page can not be found" I have a short cut to get on line, but where as my original connection box gone??? anyone any ideas?
Thanks in anticipation Blackpat.

  [DELETED] 19:32 16 Oct 2003

what os is it?

  blackpat 19:42 16 Oct 2003

by "OS" do you mean "Operating System" if so, it is windows 98 se. sorry for omitting that Proxy,
Thanks, Blackpat.

  [DELETED] 19:47 16 Oct 2003

yeh, i am in right saying that the shortcut does work? Sorry but i only know the xp way.

  [DELETED] 19:48 16 Oct 2003

In Internet Explorer, first check that you are not set oo "Work Offline" in the File Menu.

Then Tools/Internet Options, Connections tab and tick "Always dial my default connection".

  blackpat 08:34 19 Oct 2003

Thanks Vog, it worked,I have copied your advice to "my docs" for future ref. I am much obliged to you. Thanks Proxy for trying anyway.
Thanks again,

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