Lost my http://

  User-9F8AF0A3-F852-43C6-8A7B55A65FE9307D 19:39 17 Aug 2006

I.E Explorer 6 would not find a web site when I entered click here etc into the address bar. I then found that click here would work. This has only happened recently & the computer seems to be working properly in all other respects. Can anyone tell me how to rectify the problem please.

  VoG II 19:42 17 Aug 2006

Try this click here

  jimmer409® 19:43 17 Aug 2006

try entering "whatever" hold down control hit return

I followed the instructions in 'click here' and found that the check box was already ticked. I typed manchesterairport, did the control+enter thing and found a shopping site!!!

  VoG II 20:08 17 Aug 2006

I'm confused now! Are you trying to search from the address bar?

I'm used to typing a web address into the address bar in internet explorer and finding the site. I type click here etc. My computer now only goes to the site if the address is part of my recent history otherwise I have to type click here etc before the site comes up.

  VoG II 21:45 17 Aug 2006

Can you provide a real example please.

Earlier tonight I typed click here When I hit enter there was no response. The same thing happened a couple of days ago when I typed click here In both cases if I type the same address but preceded with http:// then when I hit enter the web page is displayed. It seems that if I did a search on Google and copied down web addresses then I would fail to display the page or even if I paste the www address into IE. Clicking the link in Google will succeed. Going back to the airport example, now that I have contacted the site by typing the http:// etc I can make the contact by simply typing click here......
It is a long answer, thanks for your interest in the problem.

  VoG II 22:11 17 Aug 2006

Just out of interest, if you click on your click heres - do they work?

Yes - in both cases.

Time for bed, will check back after work on Fri.

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