lost my colours

  donkeydoo 22:16 31 Jul 2003

can anyone help please my friend has windows 98 and has just had someone reeboot her comp but she has only got 2 and 16 colours and she needs 256 but its not on her comp can anyone help me to find them thankyou

  Joe McG 22:25 31 Jul 2003

Tell her to uninstall her graphic card drivers, reboot and reinstall.

  donkeydoo 22:31 31 Jul 2003

how do we uninstall graphic card we are both new to comps thankyou for you reply

  woodchip 22:32 31 Jul 2003

PS you could right click on blank desktop choose properties/Settings/Advanced/Adapter and choose change choose show all the go to manufacturer of your graphic card and look on the right your driver should still be there just choose it and apply, then ok and reboot. Or look for the Graphics card CD with the drivers on that you should have got

  donkeydoo 22:34 31 Jul 2003

do we use windows 98 disc we also have a floppy to reboot comp ty

  donkeydoo 22:41 31 Jul 2003

she did'nt get any discs with comp does that matter or does she need discs someone got the comp for her

  woodchip 22:48 31 Jul 2003

No you should have a graphics card CD, if you can find it just install by putting in Comp, it should auto run. Do yo know what Card is in the computer as some have graphics built into motherboard in which case you would have to look on the motherboard CD for a Video folder

  donkeydoo 22:53 31 Jul 2003

no sorry dont know what card is in comp . does she need a cd for graphics card as she has'nt got know cds at all a friend of mine lent her windows 98 with a floppy is this gonna cause probs tyvm for help

  woodchip 23:00 31 Jul 2003

You need to find out what the graphics is in the computer then it is possible to download a driver so you will get your colours as you want. This should tell you what you have got in the computer Belarc Advisor v5.0h click here

Type into search bar in downloads or go to link and look down the list to download and run.

  donkeydoo 23:09 31 Jul 2003

thankyou i will go and check thankyou for your help

  Djohn 00:11 01 Aug 2003

Refresh. j.

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