Lost a lot of things!!

  GG22 15:33 07 Dec 2007

I inadvertantly pressed some keyboard buttons( which one's I don't know).
1)Now I have a retracting tool bar at the top of my computer when connected to the internet.
2) When I try to open a file in 'my favourites' it wont show the contents, but when I click on the file name, all the tabs open although I cannot get into any of the folders.
3) The mouse seems to have little control over the curser. The curser moving after the mouse moves.
To get through to PC Advisor I have had to place the curser up at the top of the screen, the tool bar drops down, and I have to type your address in google search, I cannot go through 'favs'.
I would appreciate any help please.

  johnnyrocker 15:35 07 Dec 2007

system restore?


  GG22 16:36 07 Dec 2007

Thanks johnny - I too thought of that, but windows behaves ok, including the mouse and curser. The problem is only when I'm on the internet. I've noticed also that the mouse and curser work together on a web page, but when I go to the top of the screen to get the toolbar, then it is out of unison and 'favourites' are not available at all!

  johnnyrocker 16:45 07 Dec 2007

i would still try it as it will put the machine back to before you fiddled with the buttons;)


  GG22 11:13 08 Dec 2007

Johnny I did as you said, and it worked!! Apologies for my ignorance - should have done as you suggested yesterday. Thanks

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