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  honey chops 08:31 10 Jun 2010

I started to download an Apple update but then mentioned it to my "other half" who told me quickly to stop as it wd wipe out a lot of his music on the ipod. Too late, the music is showing on itunes but when clicking on it, it says "original files are lost would you like to locate them", I click yes but it takes me into another box with about 15 choices, none of which opens up the music or locates it.
The "lost" music is in my other half's music folder under a folder called "earlier itunes" but when i click on that, it just takes me into itunes itself and back to the same problem "the original files are lost....." etc.
Any suggestions as to how to get the music to play wd be appreciated but, please remember, i am a complete idiot when it comes to computers so any instructions need to be line by line!
Many thanks,

  john bunyan 08:57 10 Jun 2010

1. Were you updating with an iPod attached? - best to update without.
2. Dont worry - your musuc wont be lost.
3. In Windows explorer,can yiu locate the music?
4. Is your iTunes programme now up to date?
5. In i tunes, what is showing in the music library?
I am sure this can be solved!

  honey chops 09:13 10 Jun 2010

I think the ipod must have been attached at the time because all of the "free" music which had been downloaded to the ipod is no longer there BUT the "free" music is still showing in itunes but it can't be played, when i click on a song, it just comes up with the message "the original files are lost etc....".

  gengiscant 09:28 10 Jun 2010

Copy all the files in your better halfs folder into your itunes folder.Your tunes are not lost, its just itunes does not know where they are.

Always back up your itunes folder,a lesson I learnt the hard way.

  honey chops 09:51 10 Jun 2010

I'm sorry, I am not sure what you mean, my other half has a folder in his "My Documents"/"My Music" called Itunes, if you open up this folder it displays several folders most of which contain all his music.
All of this music is already showing on itunes but we just cannot play it, I have already tried copying this folder into itunes but as all of these songs are already showing in itunes, it doesn't appear to work?
As I said in my first report, I am a complete novice when it comes to computers!

  gengiscant 10:05 10 Jun 2010

OK, open up itunes then right click on a tune and scroll down to show in windows explorer, this should show where the song is on your pc.If you look at the top of the page that opens it should tell you the title of the track and the album or folder it is located in. Try that first then post back.

  honey chops 15:44 10 Jun 2010

Sorry for the delay, only just got back.
Tried what was suggested, right click and then down to Windows Explorer but it then said "cannot locate file etc. etc." same old, same old.
I am wonder whether this is anything to do with the fact that we can't play music cd's on our computer at the moment, not sure why but our computer does not recognise a disc when inserted, would this have anything to do with the fact that itunes cannot locate our music?
Although would say that the vast majority of music (free downloaded music" was wiped off the ipod at the same time as downloading an Apple update.

  john bunyan 16:27 10 Jun 2010

1. Open i Tunes.
2. Highlight "Music"
3. Left click on "add folder to the library"
4. This will take you to Windows Explorer.
5. Locate the "old" music folder
6. left click to highlight it. then "enter"
This should import all your "old" tunes.
Come back for more detail. BTW do you have more tham one iPod? With my grandchildren etc we have 3, with two libraries and accounts.
You are almost certain not to have lost the music from the PC itself.
Do you know how to search in Windows explorer? Go to My Documents then search for files ending .mp3. Come back for more help!

  honey chops 08:01 11 Jun 2010

Did everything you suggested but still no good, I think we have given up, we have had so many virus' on this computer over the last 18 months or so that I think the computer has given up, it is 6 years old in any event so we are now going to get a new one and start afresh!
But thanks for all your help.

  john bunyan 08:31 11 Jun 2010

Sorry to hear it - I am sure it could have been resolved. Do keep the music you have - at worst burn a DVD or two with your music and re- import it to the new machine - or copy all "My Documents" to a USB HD.

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