Lost internet connection - Help :(

  Spewy 18:07 02 Jun 2006

Hi Folks,

I have a desktop ps and laptop. I have been working away with both fine for some months now without any problems.
My IP is Wanadoo, earlier this week i decided to change my email password ( kids knew it )I then had to change the password in the Wireless Router set up. All went well wothout any problems.

Until I tried to conect to my laptop - The Router is an Edimax AR-7024Wg and the address is I suspect i needed to access this page and change the password in the laptop set up too? Unfortunately I cannot even access that?

Please help, Spewy.

  Spewy 18:23 02 Jun 2006

Quick Update -

I have plugged the Ethernet conncetion from my desktop directly into the laptop and then managed to get to the Router page and change then Password - Still no acess, although the wirelss connection tells me it's connected with a good signal??????/

  ade.h 18:28 02 Jun 2006

When changing the encryption key for a wireless link, it is best practice to delete your default network entry from this screen click here, then broswe for available networks in the usual manner, attempt to connect to yours and enter the new key when prompted. It is a good idea to paste it from a text file to avoid typing errors.

  ade.h 18:28 02 Jun 2006

broswe = browse!

  Spewy 21:03 02 Jun 2006

Cheers ade.h

Unfortunately didn't work though. Managed to get connected with laptop using ethernet cable directly into laptop, got password sotred etc, but still no joy.

Ball spinning the monito icon like it's trying to connect.

  ade.h 22:02 02 Jun 2006

I assume that you have checked that your previously created client firewall permissions are still in place? When dealing with a connected wireless link that is apparently not delivering an internet connection, one of the first things that I check is the client firewall. I lost a permission from recently, of its own accord, but it was easy to cure.

You must also entertain the possibility that the router is no longer able to link up the internet connection with the wireless part. (Seen that happen once).

  ade.h 22:03 02 Jun 2006

By the way, what do you mean by your last line about a ball?

  Spewy 17:36 04 Jun 2006

To clear up the ball comment - In the bottom right hand corner of the screen you have the little pc icon, when trying to connect there is what looks like a yellow ball spinning around the little pc. This was continuing all the time like trying to find a connection.

Anyway - Good news, I reset everything back to the original settings on the Router set up etc and am now back in operation. Many thanks for you advice and patience

Spewy ;-)

  ade.h 17:46 04 Jun 2006

Oh I see! The little yellow bit is supposed to represent communication back and forth. It's not about trying to find a connection; if you see it again, hover over it and the pop-up message will tell you that it is aquiring an IP address. Basically, the router's DHCP server is being asked to assign an IP to your wireless adapter/receiver. If you see this icon for more than a few seconds, you'll find that it won't succeed in getting an IP and you will have to reboot the PC (and occasionally the router as well). One of the most common causes is when you've brought a PC out of Standby or Hibernate with no wireless connection (the adapter turned off during the last session), but then switch on the adapter and try to connect. A reboot cures this.

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