Lost internet connection

  PhilPalmer 16:17 22 Nov 2014

I am on AOL with a bt landline. 2 weeks ago I lost internet connection on my kindle fire, windows 8 laptop and windows 7 pc. The light on my router has gone off.

I contacted AOl who reset a few things and told me to enter a new password which I did but still the same.

Eventually they sent an engineer out who initially thought it was the router but tried his equipment with the same error.

I have also tried a belkin n300 router with the same results.

The engineer stated he would contact BT and they would be in touch via text message.

I left in 3 days with nothing from either BT or AOL.

I rang AOL back who went through all the settings again from their set script. They said they would contact BT and ring back. Noone ever rang back after 3 more calls to AOl I eventually spoke to someone who seemed to know what he was doing. He contacted BT and rang me straight back. He told me they had checked the line and all was ok.

I have taken the cover off my BT master socket and plugged my router in there but still no internet.

Surely this is a fault with BT line????? I still get a dial tone and am able to make and send calls??? BT keep blaming AOL and vice versa.

Any other ideas or checks i could do to say for sure it is definitely BT and how can I get to speak to them? I have searched the bt open reach website and it states it must be the ISP who contacts and reports the problem but AOL are useless!!!!!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:46 22 Nov 2014

Tried a new filter?

  PhilPalmer 17:12 22 Nov 2014

New filter has also been tried but same results. I am convinced it is connection between my house and exchange and a fault for BT Openreach but trying to speak with a foreign call centre is getting me nowhere

  Jollyjohn 19:27 22 Nov 2014

Plug router into BT master socket - ring AOL and ask for a MAC code to leave them. This tends to elevate the fault - also tell them you want a refund for an unuseable service.

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