lost internet connection

  wonderwill 16:17 22 Feb 2009

I was using the internet connection and then it suddenly died. I am using a PC connected to a router and the router is providing wireless to my laptop.
The physical connections are fine and the LAN connection box is showing 'limited or no connectiviity' and the speed 1.o GPS rather than the connected 100 mbs.
No viruses present and turning firewall off makes no difference.
I am now wondering (although would no know) if it is a hardware fault like the Ethernet card. Is there a hardware fault detector I can download or any other suggestions?

  User-1229748 16:21 22 Feb 2009

if you go to device manager are there any yellow exclamation marks?

  User-1229748 16:23 22 Feb 2009

and did you try turning everything off for a couple of minutes?

  wonderwill 16:35 22 Feb 2009


No excalamation marks in device manager and have managed to turn off the wireless on the laptop and made a physical connection to the router which worked. Have turned off the PC and left for 2 mins but no luck
The only excamation mark is on the connection icon on the taskbar. I tried to repair the connection and got - couldn't complete -'renewing ip address'??

  User-1229748 16:42 22 Feb 2009

sorry if you tried this but was unclear,i meant did you turn the router and pc off?

  wonderwill 16:45 22 Feb 2009

Yes I did

  User-1229748 16:52 22 Feb 2009

what router is it?is there a small pin hole anywhere to reset it?

  wonderwill 17:02 22 Feb 2009

It is the router i got with O2 broadband. I have put a pin in the reset and switched pc off and restarted and it has not connected to the internet

  User-1229748 17:23 22 Feb 2009

i've been looking at the o2 website to try to find out what router it is and i'm none the wiser.if you set it up yourself using their cd then reset the router and set it up again from scratch.unless anyone is with o2 and knows which router it is it's like the blind leading the blind

  wonderwill 17:31 22 Feb 2009

Is to not more likely to be the ethernet card in my pc given that all the wireless connections are working and when I connect the ethernet to my laptop with a cable, that connection works?

  User-1229748 17:34 22 Feb 2009

if you can get online when using the ethernet cable then your ethernet is fine

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