lost internet connection

  raggy 2 11:27 26 Sep 2007

any help would be great for this. I have recently signed up to sky BB, finally got on last night on my PC but my son has played online on PS3 as we on wireless, but after about an hour the internet said can't display page, yet my connection on my router looks as though it is there(it says signal is excellent and @54mbps), any ideas as to why this has happened as I can't get back on and PS3 wont play online either

  ambra4 12:24 26 Sep 2007

Try reseting the router by powering it off wait 1 min and power back on

  raggy 2 13:55 26 Sep 2007

thanks for that, and i will try it tonight when i get home, but why should i have to do this and do you have experience that this is gonna be a regular thing??

  ambra4 04:43 27 Sep 2007

Bad line quality, glitches on system, problems in the exchange etc, can cause the modem to lose the signal from the exchange

If you have to reset the modem on a regular basic you should connect your ISP or BT to check the line for line noise etc

It should not be a regular thing it just happens that BT or ISP have a problem, could be a upgrade to there system, exchange fault, it is hard to say

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