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Lost image quality

  zoobie 09:59 13 Jan 2004

I had pics on d drive that got moved to c drive while i formatted d to fat32 from fat16. Now, i've moved the pics back to d drive and they've lost a lot of color and clarity...what gives? Thx

  zoobie 10:31 13 Jan 2004

Nope...It's still set on high color 16 bit. All pics seem to now need sharpening. The text on some is almost unreadable. Maybe I should have copied them initially rather than move them...

  scotty 10:41 13 Jan 2004

There will be no loss of quality copying or moving files. They are digital information so are copied identically with no loss of information.

With jpeg files, I have noticed that some graphics programs give very different results when displaying the same file. Try using another program.

  zoobie 11:14 13 Jan 2004

I think the problem was the fact that they were saved in fat16 format...then thrown into a fat32. Somehow, the pics are all screwed up and look like a lot of the color has been the point of showing jpg artifacts. Bummer...

  zoobie 21:15 13 Jan 2004

So, interacting with another formatting thread here, I think you're screwed if you've saved pics in a fat16 D drive, move them to a fat32 C drive, reformat the fat16 D drive to fat32, then move the pics back to D drive...The quality is all ruined, a lot of color is gone, and they all need to be sharpened once or so...ugh

  zoobie 22:55 13 Jan 2004

Well, I was hoping someone could point me the way...Somehow, I didn't think the size of the file table mattered...

  woodchip 23:05 13 Jan 2004

This may help it's worth a go, Open Windows Explorer go to view\Folder Options\view Scroll to bottom of list and put a tick in "smooth edges of screen fonts"

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