Lost history and Windows XP

  Effie 16:07 20 Mar 2003

I'm asking this on behalf of a friend who doesn't have a phone but has a big problem with her computer which has Windows XP!

Her son has accidentally managed to erase the 'history' and we are not sure how to get it back. We think we might be able to use the restore disc to return this function to its previous setting but we dont want to dabble and make matters worse so please, anyone out there who can advise us on how to sort this out, your help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

  spikeychris 19:48 20 Mar 2003

Forgive me but:

"Her son has accidentally managed to erase the 'history'" what do you mean?

Are you asking how to get Internet history back?? if so your friend must be on the net, which means they must have a phone.

BTW if you use a restore/recovery disk it will take you back to factory settings and delete all previous work.


  Effie 19:57 20 Mar 2003

No, she doesnt even have a landline so definately no internet! Her son tried to get into the history to open up a new document but we think he has accidentally deleted the facility altogether. OK.

  Tjsuk11 19:59 20 Mar 2003

Do you mean the recent documents icon on the start menu?

What program are you trying to access history from?

  spikeychris 20:13 20 Mar 2003

Effie, sorry - long day and I'm struggling with your question.


  Effie 20:53 20 Mar 2003

I think it may be as Tjsuk suggests but as I dont have this system ,I'm working blind I'm afraid ! All that I know is that it shows up as a frame on the left side of the screen and yes, one should be able to get up recent documents from it but now its completely gone and saved documents can no longer be got up ! (Sorry for being so vague!)

  VoG™ 21:06 20 Mar 2003

I'm completely confused by this - but that's nothing new!

What program's "history" has disappeared. And does it matter? Is the computer and its programs working OK?

  Effie 21:21 20 Mar 2003

further clarification folks!
If you open up a new folder and save it to documents and then if you go and look for it in the recent document icon, there is no record of the new folder being there. My question is, why isn't the new folder being recorded in history ? What can we do to get it back to working properly as it means that my friend who is a novice in respect of computers, cant make use of a simple facility that she uses constantly.

  VoG™ 21:27 20 Mar 2003

This should get you sorted click here

  Effie 21:34 20 Mar 2003

Thank you Vog! I'll happily give her a copy of what you've given me. No doubt it will be of great use for future trouble shooting! Further clarification if I may, My question maybe should have read; Why isn't the new folder being recorded under the recent document icon?

  VoG™ 21:39 20 Mar 2003

All of this is straightforward with hindsight and a lot of 'puter problems are difficult to explain, let alone solve.

I do hope that this works.

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